Non-USA Shipments

— Instructions — How To Order For Shipment Delivery Outside The USA
Simply proceed to add the items to your shopping cart. At checkout you will be processed through our Amazon link where you will be asked to login to your existing account or create a new account. Most of our products are exportable from here in the U.S. to most other countries, however some restrictions may interfere in the final steps.

If you do have difficulty in ordering for delivery to your country, please follow the directions below.

  1. Create an email list of which items and quantity you want to order (see Example of email order below).
  2. On the list, be sure provide your full postal mailing address, country, phone number (country code + number), and email address.
  3. Shipping charges will be calculated at the time we have your package ready.
  4. Customs declarations will be made per U.S. and your country’s requirements. Most of our products are classified as “491191 Printed Matter”.
  5. You will be responsible for any customs fees, VAT, etc.
  6. Send your email order to:

Note: If you need to include your Visa, MasterCard, Discover credit card number and expiry, please send that in 2 or 3 pieces on separate emails or fax us with the order and credit card information 011-1-704-973-7799 (We are in the eastern U.S. in time zone UT-5).

— Example Email — Order For Shipment Delivery Outside The USA

I am ordering the following to be mailed to me:

Quantity 5, Item = MLight2013, MoonLight calendar
Quantity 3, Item = MMag2013-012, MoonMaggy calendar 12 pack

The first part of my Visa number is 4435-8765
I will email the second part and expiry in a second email that will follow.

My phone number is 011-x-xxx-xxx-xxxx
My email address is
My postal mail address is:

Alfredo Hernandez
123 Rue Placada 5
Paris 34567

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