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MoonCalendar.com is the online store for Celestial Products Inc. We have been publishing great ideas in astronomy for over 30 years. We’ve sold over a million moon calendars for walls all over the world through museum and nature stores as well as directly to consumers. Through our website MoonCalendar.com you will find high quality educational products that your family and friends will love.


Usage in pop-culture (report a new sighting)

We recently decided to organize a list of movies, TV shows, and other media where our moon calendars and products have been sighted and used by the directors. Help us compile a complete list by clicking on the link above to report a new “sighting”. Once we have confirmed your sighting we will add it to the list below.


Parenthood A Time To Kill Titanic
Parenthood (1989) A Time To Kill (1996) Titanic (1997)



Rosie O'Donnel Show Extreme Makeover Home Edition Twilight  
Rosie O’Donnel Show (1996) Extreme Makeover Home Edition (season #2, ep 12, “Anderson Family”, 1/16/2005) Twilight – New Moon (2009)




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